Bamboo Poles

Treated Bamboo Poles

Evergreen Kawayan poles were used in all our furniture lines. These are poles that were double-treated using a one of a kind Bambujett treatment system.

This is a highly efficient bamboo treatment system that uses an environment-friendly treatment solution that ensures the longevity of the bamboo poles regardless of their sizes. Evergreen Kawayan Poles will ensure that the stories that our furniture tell will be passed on to future generations.

Bamboo Boucherie

We offer high quality Bamboo poles that underwent a double treatment process using our own Bambujett Boucherie Treatment System (patent pending) which uses one of a kind highly efficient rubber fitting that will ensure that the treatment solution passes through the entire pole regardless of its size.

The system also has an agitation technology that keeps the solution stable all throughout the treatment process. After the boucherie treatment, our bamboo poles undergo a top coat treatment wherein we spray super fine droplets of a green labelled, odorless, and long lasting termite repellent solution.