Evergreen Kawayan

Bamboo Floor Lamps

Illuminate Your Space with Elegance and Sustainability

Illuminate your home with Evergreen Kawayan’s exquisite Bamboo Floor Lamps, a perfect blend of elegance and environmental responsibility. Crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo, these lamps boast a unique design that effortlessly complements any interior.

Uniqueness in Design

Our Bamboo Floor Lamps stand out with their distinctive and contemporary designs, adding a touch of sophistication to your living spaces. The carefully crafted bamboo structure exudes a natural charm that sets these lamps apart.

Earth-Friendly Material

Embrace sustainability with these lamps made from bamboo, a renewable resource that grows rapidly without depleting the environment. Bamboo’s minimal environmental impact makes it an excellent choice for conscious consumers.

Sustainability at its Core

Bamboo is not only renewable but also recyclable and durable. Its strength makes it an ideal material for well-used products, ensuring longevity and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Low Environmental Impact

Bamboo requires minimal pesticides, fertilizers, and water to grow, making it a low-impact and eco-friendly choice.


Our Bamboo Floor Lamps are built to last, offering years of use with proper care. The durability of bamboo makes these lamps a perfect choice for furniture and oversized decor items.

Illuminate your space with style, make a statement for sustainability, and choose our Bamboo Floor Lamps for a brighter and greener future.