Who We Are

Evergreen Perennial Corp. (EPC), who owns the brand Evergreen Kawayan, was established in the year 2022. Our main purpose is to create new treatment technologies for bamboo pole preservation and to market and sell high quality bamboo poles as a sustainable building material.

Our Goal & Responsibilities


Process & create Bamboo products of exceptional quality through innovative solutions and technology.

Corporate Social

Create sustainable livelihood for our local communities of farmers, craftsmen, and builders.

Environmental Social

Ensure that our treatment process has very minimal carbon footprint; achieve zero waste in our facility.

Our Vision

To be one of the top producers of Bamboo poles and products and consequently, a global advocate of promoting Bamboo as a sustainable resource of timber.

To help elevate the Philippine Bamboo Industry by educating and providing livelihood to local communities through continuous innovation of processing Bamboo & creating sustainable, beautiful, and durable building materials

Our Mission

Our Values


Putting in intelligent effort in creating seamless production processes & results


Giving fair & due value to worth of information, processes, services, products, assets, and investments


Valuing respect for self, community, and nature


Staying aligned with our personal & work values in delivering commitments

Our Team

Jet Magnaye

Jet Magnaye

CEO / Sales & Marketing

Winn Htun

Winn Htun

COO / Operations

Staff & Crew

Staff & Crew

Office & Builders